Floplast Soil Pipe Black Strap Boss & 40mm Push Fit Boss Adapter

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Floplast Soil Pipe Black Strap Boss with 40mm Rubber Boss Adapter for push fit pipe

  • Many variations available in our shop including black, white and grey, 32mm and 40mm push fit and 36mm and 43mm solvent weld versions
  • A 54mm Hole should be cut into the soil pipe to accept the boss
  • There are two types of what is generally known as 40mm waste pipe. This product is for 40mm Push Fit pipe which has an outside diameter of 40mm. If the outside diameter of your pipe is 43mm it is likey to be 1 1/2 solvent weld pipe and a solvent weld version of this assembly is required
  • For connecting a 40mm Push Fit pipe to a 110mm soil pipe
  • This listing is for a Pack of 1

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Outdoor Drainage
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