SPEEDFIT FLX28 15mm x M10 Flexible Mixer Tap Hose (PAIR)

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300mm SPEEDFIT Monblock Tap Braided Hoses

There are three sizes of SPEEDFIT Monoblock Tap Braided Hoses, in this section, with the manufacturers code shown below. Each 300mm SPEEDFIT Braided Hose for Monoblock Taps in a pair have a different spanner location to ease connection of the treaded end into the monoblock inlets. By using these monoblock flexible hoses in place of the copper tails which are normally supplied as standard with monoblock taps, their is likely to be a dramatic decrease in installation time.

  • 12mm x M10 SPEEDFIT Braided Hose for Monoblock Taps   - FLX48
  • 15mm x M10 SPEEDFIT Braided Hose for Monoblock Taps  - FLX28
  • 15mm x M12 SPEEDFIT Braided Hose for Monoblock Taps   - FLX29

The 12mm or 15mm dictates the sizes of the SPEEDFIT or copper pipe connections and the M10 or M12 dictates the sizes of the connection into the monoblock tap

Please note that these flexible hoses are not suitable for central heating systems, they are used for hot and cold water tap supplies only with a maximum pressure of 6 bar @65 degrees centrigrade

SPEEDFIT push fit fittings have been designed and are manufactured in the UK by John Guest Speedfit. The fittings are used in the connection of copper to copper pipe, plastic to plastic pipe or copper to plastic pipe. The fittings simply push onto the pipe and then the plastic nut is twisted clockwise to lock the fitting in place. The pipe must be cut straight to ensure a good connection is made and a SPEEDFIT pipe cutting tool is available to ensure a parallel cut. Markings on SPEEDFIT pipe ensure that fittings are pushed home to the correct depth. Collets locking clips are clipped onto fittings to ensure that the collar does not inadvertantly release in the event of pipe or fitting movement, during or post installation. The SPEEDFIT range of fittings are fully demountable from the pipe without the use of a release tool, simply remove the locking clip (if fitted already) and push the fitting collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release. Due to the simplicity of the SPEEDFIT range, installation is often reduced by around 40% against traditional installation methods, and without the needs for hot works a safer environment is maintained

With all plastic pipes the relevant manufacturer's pipe insert is required, standard insert for copper pipe, superseal for plastic pipe

SPEEDFIT fittings should not be used on stainless steel pipe, gas, fuel oil or compressed air installations and SPEEDFIT products should not be connected directly to a boiler

This information should be used as product guidance only and should not be used as a replacement for installation instructions. Please ensure to check with manufacturers instructions of all components prior to selection and installation to ensure compatibility and the most up to date product and installation information.

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