SPEEDFIT 25mm x 3/4" MDPE Female Adaptor - UG4502B

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SPEEDFIT BLUE MDPE adaptor for underground pipe. The Speedfit blue range has an improved collet with stainless steel teeth to provide extra grip on the pipe. It is WRAS approved and can be used on Blue underground MPDE pipes to BS 6572 for potable water, and black under or over ground MDPE pipe to BS6730 for potable water. No tools are required to install or disconect the connections. This speedfit underground pipe is availbale in six different sizes, selectable from the right hand side of the image above, with options shown below 20mm x1/2" UG101B Speedfit Blue MDPE Male Adapter 20mm x 1/2" UG4501B Speedfit Blue MDPE Female Adapter 25mm x 3/4" UG102B Speedfit MDPE Blue Male Adapter 25mm x 3/4" UG4502B Speedfit Blue MDPE Female Adapter 32mm x 1" UG103B Speedfit Blue MDPE Male Adapter 32mm x1 1/2" UG104B Speedfit MDPE Blue Male Adapter - IMPORTANT NOTE, MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT ACTUAL DIAMETER OF THE THREAD SIZE IS APPROXIMATELY 1/4 INCH LARGER THAN THAT STATED IN BSP TERMS. FOR EXAMPLE THIS 3/4 INCH BSP THREAD ACTUALLY MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 1 INCH IN DIAMETER

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3/4 Inch BSP
Female Adapter