Polyplumb 15mm x 1/2" Tank Connector - PB3815

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Polyplumb 15mm x 1/2" Tank Connector - PB3815 Polyplumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system, incorporating polybutylene pipes and a complimentary range of push-fit fittings. It can be used in hot and cold water supply, and radiator and floor heating installations. It is a fast, reliable and permanent fitting being used for over 30 years and provides a superb combination of fast fitting with a permanent, reliable fix. Polyplumb offers a one-step joint process, with joint integrity assured by a high performance, stainless steel grab ring within the fitting. Polyplumb can only be demounted by dis-assembly, reducing the risk of tampering. The system offers a number of benefits, including: High performance stainless steel grab ring ensures superb joint integrity Time efficient, no nonsense one step joint process Demountable only by dis-assembling, reducing potential for tampering The original Polypipe pushfit plumbing system used and relied on by customers throughout the world - IMPORTANT NOTE, MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT ACTUAL DIAMETER OF THE THREAD SIZE IS APPROXIMATELY 1/4 INCH LARGER THAN THAT STATED IN BSP TERMS. FOR EXAMPLE THIS 1/2 INCH BSP THREAD ACTUALLY MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 3/4 INCH IN DIAMETER

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1/2 Inch BSP
Tank Connector