What is a black hole vents and what are they used for?

What is a black hole vents and what are they used for?

Published by Matt on 1st Mar 2020

As a basic concept black hole vents provide ventilation to domestic heating appliances whilst help eliminate the negatives such as wind noise and drafts. This is done using a series of baffles inside the vent which causes vortices which slow the wind down, whilst still allowing the appliance to draw the air it requires. Benefits over standard vents are 

  • Stops wind blasting in
  • Stops light showing through
  • Absorbs outside noise
  • Practical and safe, discourages bad practices of covering vents

How a black hole vent works

When a heating appliance is operating, air is drawn through the vent and actually speeds up within the constricted air flow between the vortices. This maintains the correct amount of air in the room or compartment to allow the fuel in the appliance to burn efficiently and flue gases to escape.

Blown air operation - When the appliance is not working, incoming air (blown air or wind) is reduced to a minimum, even when wind levels are high. The energy of the blown air (wind) is quickly dissipated by the restriction of the internal shape and the vortices

There are several different types and styles of black hole vents which can be found on our website here