What are the best toilet seats made of and how to chose the right one?

What are the best toilet seats made of and how to chose the right one?

Published by Matt on 3rd Mar 2020

Toilet seats come in many different styles, materials, shapes and colours. When chosing the right toilet seat, the following questions should help you select the correct toilet seat

The toilet seats construction materiel should suit its application

There are three main materials as below

  • Thermoset - Urea formaldehyde, a dense thermoset plastic which has high resilience, durable, is naturally anti-bacterial and has a ceramic effect. It is used in high traffic and public areas and is considered superior quality
  • Mouldwood - Heavyweight high compression wood with a glossy paint finish, It is for everyday use in a domestic environment.
  • Thermoplastic - Tough polypropylene seats which are easy to clean, shatterproof and recyclable. It is for everyday use in a domestic environment and is less expensive

The toilet seats size

There are three measurements to consider when choosing a seat

A - The distance between the fixing hole centres

B - The width of the pan

C  Projection from the fixing hole centres to the front of the pan

The shape of your bowl

  • Traditional rounded shape
  • D Shape
  • Bespoke Shape

Hinge Type

  • Soft Close - incorporates dampers for a gentle closing action, eliminates trapped fingers and slamming lids
  • Bottom Fix - Traditional fixing where a threaded stud passes through to the underside of the toilet pan and nuts are tightened from underneath
  • Top Fix - Where the seat is tightened from the top, often where there is limited access to the underside of the pan
  • Quick Release - Quick release where the seat can easily be removed without tools, enabling a thorough cleaning for maximum hygiene

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