MDPE – is becoming more and more popular

MDPE – is becoming more and more popular

Published by On-Demand Supplies on 15th Dec 2017

MDPE water pipe fittings are being used with more frequency than ever before. Sometimes known as blue poly pipe in the industry, the durability of MDPE when delivering high pressure mains water into properties is the reason why so many existing lead water main pipes are being replaced by this robust alternative in the United Kingdom, both above ground and below.

As a material, MDPE, or Medium-density polyethylene, is a type of common plastic that has a very specific density. It has very sound shock and drop resistance properties, is less notch sensitive and is far more impervious to cracking than HDPE for example, making it the perfect material for water pipes and fittings. MDPE is also used in gas pipes, carrier bags and screw closures. It has a great chemical resistance and is very stable at room temperature. Additionally, MDPE is extremely malleable, is less costly than other plastics, is easily recycled and can handle rapid temperature changes.

MDPE Water Pipe Fittings are predominantly compression fittings that contain a variety of parts to clamp and seal pipes into the fitting itself, ensuring that it is totally secure. MDPE pipe fittings include;

  • Pipe Saddles – a structure used to support excess force on the pipe. These are beneficial in MDPE form because of its ability to withstand significant weight.
  • Stop Cocks – used to regulate the flow of mains water into buildings and is important to locate in case of flooding. These are beneficial in MDPE form because of its ability to withstand water pressure.
  • Clamps – used to hold the piping in place. Once again, in MDPE form, these have the ability to withstand exterior conditions to ensure pipes are held firm.
  • Joiners – used to attach two lengths of piping together. These are beneficial in MDPE form because of its stability, ensuring that the two sections of piping do not disconnect.
  • Tee’s – a common pipe fitting used to combine or divide water flow. Due to the malleability and versatility of MDPE, Tee’s made from the plastic material can connect pipes of significantly different diameters.
  • Reducers – a component used to reduce pipe size from a larger to smaller bore. Once again, the versatile nature of MDPE means that reducers made from the material work superbly.
  • End Caps – used to cap the end of the piping. These are beneficial in MDPE form because of the materials’ ability to withstand water pressure inside the pipe and external conditions outside of the pipe.
  • Elbows – fittings that enable a change of direction in a pipe line. MDPE elbow fittings are the perfect indication of the materials durable and versatile nature.

Many more fittings are available for MDPE pipes including male and female adaptors and pipe inserts.

It is important to note that MDPE pipe fittings are made to perfectly complement MDPE pipes. Trying to use MDPE fittings on a pipe of a different material could result in difficulties and consequentially, an expensive repair job.

There are many positives in using MDPE pipes and fittings. The pipes have a high impact resistance Body which enables it to absorb thermal and mechanical pressure. All fittings are very simple to connect too, saving you plenty of man hours. The ease of installation comes in especially handy if you are a novice looking for a relatively quick fix. Despite its superior performance, MDPE pipes and fittings are inexpensive and comparable in price with other material fittings.

Modern MDPE piping and fittings allow water flow to be significantly increased, because of its larger diameter in comparison to other materials. This means that water flow into a household is more powerful and far more reliable. Higher water flow into both residential and commercial properties can actually help reduce your energy bills. Efficient delivery to water dependent appliances in your home means less stress for said appliances.

While slightly more expensive than the basic equivalent, MDPE water pipe fittings are available in a cast iron effect. This means that you are using, cheaper, safer, better material than more traditional systems, while still benefiting from the smart look of the cast-iron. These cast-iron look MDPE water pipe fittings should certainly be considered if easily visible outside the home

Non-corrosive, chemical resistant, 100% recyclable, easy to install, manufactured from recycled materials, reduced leakage, safer, reduced breakage risk, lighter…why use any other fittings?