Leaking Seals and Different Guttering Parts

Leaking Seals and Different Guttering Parts

Published by On-Demand Supplies on 2nd May 2018

Most domestic guttering parts are easy to obtain and easy to change. Leaking joints are often caused by a build up of debris that has built up in the guttering, causing any water to gather for periods of time and eventually rot the rubber seals. Often this debris provides a breeding ground for moss that then grows its way into the joints again causing the seals to rot or fail. Fortunately the seals are very cheap and easy to replace.

Guttering and Downpipe is manufactured to withstand the detrimental effects of the UV light in sunlight, which breaks down the colour and structure of UPVC. Over a period of time or in areas where direct sunlight is greatest UV light will fade the colour and cause the material to become brittle. As most of the guttering is clipped together the removal of the clips by stretching the openings can cause the clips to break, it is therefore recommended to replace the clips at the same time as the seals, these are also relatively cheap

The two common sizes and styles of guttering is half round with a distance across the opening of 112mm and a square bottom guttering with a flat bottom and sides with a distance across the opening of 114mm. Different types of guttering parts that are readily available in both the square and half round styles are listed below, in black, grey, white and the most common brown.

  • Gutter Seals for each joint
  • Gutter Clips to clip each joint together and keep seal tight
  • Gutter 90 degree angle
  • Gutter 135 degree angle (for connecting guttering around a 45 degree corner)
  • Gutter Stop End outlet for connection to a downpipe at the end of a gutter flow
  • Gutter running outlet for connection to a downpipe in the mid flow of a guttering run
  • Gutter internal stop end for sealing the end of a gutter run (slides inside the guttering without a seal)
  • Gutter external stop end for sealing the end of a gutter run (clips outside the guttering with the use of a seal)
  • Gutter adapters for joining square guttering to half round guttering
  • Gutter fascia brackets to support guttering runs at each 1 metre intervals
  • Gutter union butter bracket to join straight lengths of guttering and provide support by securing to the building fascia
  • Gutter adjustable bends to provide guttering around corners from 50 degrees to 150 degrees