Choosing the Right Central Heating Chemicals

Choosing the Right Central Heating Chemicals

Published by Harry on 10th Nov 2021

With winter incoming, it is an important time to check your heating system to make sure it is healthy and doesn’t let you down when it starts to get cold. It can be confusing knowing what each product and chemical does, so below I will go through each one, and how they can help keep you warm this winter.

Central Heating Inhibitor

Central heating inhibitor is possibly the most important product which can help protect your heating system this winter. Over time, rust from inside your radiators and the minerals in water will form a sort of sludge, which is known to get stuck in the important parts of your heating system. This leads to potential problems, such as:

  • Radiators that only heat at the top.
  • Blocked pumps and other expensive boiler parts

Inhibitor helps break down this sludge and adds a protective coating which helps keep your heating system at 100%.

Here at On-Demand Supplies, we stock Fernox F1 , Primaflow Inhibitor , Scalemaster SM1 and Sentinel X100 .

System Cleaner

System cleaner chemicals are effective at removing scale, sludge and debris from central heating systems, which helps reinstate overall heating efficiency. It also helps extend the life of your boiler.

Here at On-Demand Supplies, we stock Fernox F3 , Primaflow Cleaner , Scalemaster SM3 and Sentinel X300 .

Silencer / Noise Reducer.

Noisy boilers are infuriating and unpleasant. On top of this, it can also make them super inefficient. The main reason for this boiler noise is usually due to a thin layer of deposit which has built up on the heat exchanger. A noise reducer, such as the x200 from sentinel, will effectively solve this problem and help restore full efficiency.

We currently stock Fernox F2 and Sentinel X200 .

Leak Sealers

Leak sealers are great when dealing with smaller inaccessible leaks, protecting and sealing from the inside. This helps stop costly maintenance repairs and one dose will restore pressure. All of the leak sealers we have are safe to use as they do not cause blockages in pipework.

We currently stock Fernox F4 , Fernox LSX Leak sealer and Primaflow Leak Sealer .


Antifreeze helps provide protection against internal corrosion and limescale formation in central heating systems which helps maintain efficiency. The antifreeze we stock here is the Fernox Alphi 11. Alphi 11 is a combined antifreeze and inhibitor and is suitable for both heating and chilled water systems.

If you have any questions about the products above, or any others on our website please do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 238287. We are more than happy to help.