Orkli Motorised 2 Port Valve Replacement Head 22mm MV-60521600

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You may have had difficulty getting these heads as a direct replacement to save having to drain the entire system down, we have managed to find a supplier of this head holding Part Number 50021600 (this the head part number, not the entire unit)
Please note that this a replacement head (not including valve body) for a 22mm 2 port Valve, old style, holding the Art number 60521600. New improved units are available under Art no 60524600 on our website (please note that the new unit heads are not interchangable with the old ones
Orkli 2 Port Motorised Zone valve, designed to operate as on-off regulators in closed water circuits in central heating, hot water and climate control installations
28mm replacements also available to order

Brand new and boxed

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Central Heating
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Zone Valve