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Orkli 22mm 2 Port Motorised Valve

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  • Orkli 6052400 Complete 2 port Valve Unit - 2nd Generation

Complete Orkli 2 Port Motorised Zone valve, designed to operate as on-off regulators in closed water circuits in central heating, hot water and climate control installations

This unit is complete with Detachable head 
  • 22mm - Art No. 60524600


Please note that the Orkli 2 port valve has been upgraded in its head design and now holds Art number 60524600. The older Art number Art No. 60521600 is no longer made. It should be noted that the heads are not interchangeable between the new and the old, the entire unit will require replacement which is a straight swap, or alternatively replacement heads for the old design are now available by searching for 60521600 in our store, eliminating the need to drain down the system

Brand new and boxed