McAlpine Appliance Trap with Upstand - WM3

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This Mcalpine Appliance Trap has a 1.5 inch inlet and has a 75mm water seal. It is supplied complete with illustrative drawing and holds a manufacturers code of WM3

McAlpine Appliance Trap with Upstand - WM3

This appliance trap conforms to EN 274-1:2002

This washing machine trap has a 1.5 inch Multifit Compression Outlet which suits all 1.5 inch or 40mm plastic, copper and lead pipe

This product can be used as a Mcalpine washing machine trap or dishwasher trap

The WM3 appliance trap has a 75mm Water Seal

This appliance trap is manufactured in polypropylene and the standpipe can be blanked off with a Mcalpine WM3-CAP

Extra Information

Waste Trap
Pipe Size:
1 1/2 Inch
Pipe Size:
Waste Trap