MAGICFLEX flexible soil pipe connector 4"

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This 4 inch MAGIFLEX flexible soil pipe connector is supplied for the use of liquid waste drainage in private houses and blocks of flats. The flexible pipe resists pressure of 1 bar (equals 10m high column of water) and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Thanks to its flexible structure, it can take on the desired angle from 0° to 180° and on two different levels in the space available, compensating for misalignment between two tubes.

It can be compressed for installation on pipes already in place or in places with difficult access. Its flexible body absorbs contraction and expansion phenomena

Manufactured in PVC, Magiflex® connectors can resist commercial detergents (bleach, washing-up liquid, washing powder, drain unblocker, etc.) at domestic temperatures.

The same grey colour as used in PVC waste systems, it can be unobtrusively fitted into the installation using the solvent weld fittings

The magicflex is designed to connect to a plain end pipe on one end and a socket at the other, using solvent weld connections. To connect to two plain ends a ring seal double socket can be used on one end found here. Dimensions of the magiflex can be found by enlarging the images above

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