Liff Wrappa 2 Electronic Scale Conditioner

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“A state of the art, programmable, micro chip controls the generation of flow frequency signals by the two antennae or aerials wrapped on the exterior of the pipe. These radio signals are transmitted through the pipe and into the water flow. 

This changes the crystallisation characteristics of the hardness salts in the water thereby inhibiting the build up of hard damaging scale. As the calcium and magnesium is not actually removed the water maintains any health giving qualities. 

Specification of the Wrappa 2

Control Box Height-150, Width-80, Depth-50mm

240v  50Hz, single phase

-       transformed to 12v internally

Supplied with the Wrappa 2

1x flying lead (2m) with fused 5a 3 pin plug.

2 x leads (2m each) to coil on the pipe and connect to the control box.

4 x ties to secure coiled wire on the pipe, and on at each end.

Benefits of the Wrappa 2

  • One programmable unit for 15, 22, 28 and 35mm pipework.
  • No plumbing or down time
  • Fit hot or cold water pipes.
  • Low running costs
  • No maintenance

Extra Information

Water Treatment
Pipe Size:
Pipe Size:
Limescale Treatment