FLX37 - 300mm x15mm x 1/2" SPEEDFIT Tap Connector, Plastic Valve

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300mm SPEEDFIT 15mm x 1/2 inch Braided Hose with Plastic Isolation Valve There is one size of 300mm SPEEDFIT 15mm x 1/2" Braided Hose with Plastic Isolation Valve, with the manufacturers code shown below. By using these SPEEDFIT Braided Hoses to connect plastic to plastic pipe, copper to copper pipe or copper to plastic pipe, their is likely to be a dramatic decrease in installation time. 15mm x 15mm SPEEDFIT 15mm x 1/2 inch Braided Hose with Plastic Isolation Valve  - FLX37 The 15mm dictates the sizes of the pipe connections and 1/2" the size of the tap connection Please note that these flexible hoses are not suitable for central heating systems, they are used for hot and cold water tap supplies only with a maximum pressure of 6 bar @65 degrees centrigrade - IMPORTANT NOTE, MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT ACTUAL DIAMETER OF THE THREAD SIZE IS APPROXIMATELY 1/4 INCH LARGER THAN THAT STATED IN BSP TERMS. FOR EXAMPLE THIS 1/2 INCH BSP THREAD ACTUALLY MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 3/4 INCH IN DIAMETER

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