FLOPLAST ABS Solvent 40mm Tank Connector - White

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Floplast ABS solvent tank connector 40mm (Actual Pipe Size is 43mm) in white. For connecting 40mm (Actual Pipe Size is 43mm) diameter ABS solvent pipe (nominally 43mm outside diameter) with a hole size of approximately 50mm (Actual Pipe Size is 56mm) for connection to water tanks, garden pond equipment or similar. Thread length of approximately 30mm with sealing washer. Please note ABS solvent adhesive is needed


IMPORTANT NOTE: Solvent Weld Waste Pipe fitting sizes are often stated in metric standard measurements, however the actual pipe size is measured in imperial. The three options are as follows - 32mm Solvent Weld Pipe actually measure 1 1/4 inchs or 36mm, 40mm Solvent Weld Pipe actually measure 1 1/2 inchs or 43mm, 50mm Solvent Weld pipe actually measure 2 inchs or 56mm. In addition if the term "ABS" is printed on the pipe this identifies the pipe as solvent weld waste pipe.

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Indoor Drainage
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Tank Connector