FLOPLAST ABS Solvent 135 Degree 50mm Waste Obt Bend - Grey

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FloPlast grey 135° 50mm solvent weld waste bend. Cost-effective, lightweight and reliable solution. Requires solvent welding.

Solvent Weld Waste 135 degree bends, or 45 degree bends, are normally used to change the direction in a waste pipe system. Two bends are sometimes used together to create an offset in the pipe run.

Other sizes are also available. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Solvent Weld Waste Pipe fitting sizes are often stated in metric standard measurements, however the actual pipe size is measured in imperial. The three options are as follows - 32mm Solvent Weld Pipe actually measure 1 1/4 inchs or 36mm, 40mm Solvent Weld Pipe actually measure 1 1/2 inchs or 43mm, 50mm Solvent Weld pipe actually measure 2 inchs or 56mm. In addition if the term "ABS" is printed on the pipe this identifies the pipe as solvent weld waste pipe.

Extra Information

Indoor Drainage
Pipe Size:
45 Degree Bend