FLOPLAST 110mm Grey External Air Admittance Valve - AX110

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Flowplast grey external air admittance valve 110mm - manufacturers product code AX110

Document H Clause 1.31 states that “Ventilating pipes open to outside air should finish at least 900mm above any opening into the building within 3 metres”. This new development by FloPlast, of an External Air Admittance Valve, will allow the installation of an external soil pipe within 3 metres of any opening and terminate at the same height as if it were installed internally, ie. 200mm (minimum) above the highest wet entry point to the soil vent pipe.

When installed into sanitary pipework systems conforming to BS EN 12056:2000, the FloPlast Air Admittance Valve not only prevents the loss of water from trap seals due to induced siphonage, but also has the added advantage of providing an early warning indicator to a potential drainage blockage.