FERNOX protector test kit

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  • FERNOX protector test kit
  • The Fernox Protector Test Kit provides a rapid on-site analysis of the concentration of all Fernox Protectors in central heating system water, and is designed to test 25 systems in full. Easy and intuitive to use, it is a simple and accurate testing method to establish the strength of inhibitor within the system.

    • Simple and accurate on-site testing of Fernox Protector concentration
    • Supplied in a heavy duty outer plastic case
    • At least 25 systems can be tested in full
    • Suitable for testing all Fernox Protectors
    • Gives added security to diagnosis and treatment
    • Contains protected storage case, 30ml graduated test vessel, 30ml Protector Reagent Bottle and test instructions

Fernox Protector Kit Instructions

This test is designed to check that the correct concentration of Fernox Protector has been added in a system. This is done by measuring the difference in alkalinity between mains water and treated water. The optimum figures quoted is when the system is dosed at the recommended strength. Higher values are not detrimental and are preferable to under-dosing

Shake reagent bottle before use

  1. Fil the 30ml graduated test vessel to the 10ml mark with mains water
  2. Holding the protcetor reagent bottle exclty vertically, upside down, add one drop (the solution should turn blue). If teh solution does not turns blue but remains clear or turns orange immediately, count teh number of drops as 1 and move to step 4
  3. Continue to add reagent dropwise, mixing between each addition. Count teh number of drops required to turn the solution orange/red
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 above with a sample of the system water
  5. Deduct the number of drops of mains water from the number of drops of system water to give the difference
  6. If the difference is less than the minimum, as additional Fernox Protector

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