Talbot Pushfit MDPE 50mm Coupling - E3520

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Talbot MDPE pushfit pipe fittings are easy to use by simply pushing the pipe into the fitting. This coupling is used to connect 50mm MDPE blue water pipe to another 50mm MDPE blue pipe

How Talbot Pushfit Pipe fittings work

Talbot Push fittings have an internal grip ring and O ring. As water pressure increases behind the rings the strength of the grip and seal increases in line with the pressure.

Fittings can be dismantled using an extractor tool. These are purchased seperately and can be found by entering "extractors" in our "search the store" area above)

Product Code - E3520

Pipe Connection 1 - 50mm MDPE

Pipe Connection 2 - 50mm MDPE

Connection Type - Pushfit

Pipe Liners Required - Yes, for metric BS pipe only - Provided with Fitting

Can be Dismantled - Yes

Can be re-used - Yes (replacement grip ring and seal dependant on condition)

Talbot Fittings Technical Information

 WRAS Approved
 Pressure Rating


Talbot Push Fit Assembly Instructions

  1. Insert pipe liner insert into end of pipe (for metric BS Pipe only)
  2. For Imperial BS Pipe, DIN and ISO pipe, bevel the end of the pipe and do not use pipe liner insert
  3. Push the pipe into the fitting with a slight twist ensuring the pipe can be felt passing through the grip ring and then the O ring. This will be felt as a slight resistance as it passes through each when inserting the pipe

Talbot Push Fit Dis-assembly Instructions

  1. Slide a pair of extractors (plastic or metal) in between the pipe and fitting and pull the pipe from the fitting
  2. Remove the grip ring from the fitting and dispose (Important - note which way round the grip ring is inserted)
  3. Remove the O ring and dispose of it if any damage is evident, replace if required
  4. Replace grip ring by forming a figure 6 to reduce the diameter and insert it into the fitting the same way round as the old one was removed

Spare grip rings and O rings are available by entering "Talbot Grip Ring" or "Talbot O Ring" in our "search the store" area above.

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