TALBOT Underground Stopcock Chamber - 20-32mm Stopcocks

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The TALBOT high quality stopcock chamber with a standard base is used for 20-32mm stop valves and has a 700mm tube with a Talbot product code of E3199.

Product Code - E3199

Pipe Size - 20mm-32mm stopcocks

Can be Dismantled - Yes

Includes - Base Plate, Surface Box Munting Plate, Surface Box (embossed with letter "W" and 700mm Tube

Talbot Stopcock Chamber for Small Stopcocks Technical Information

 WRAS Approved
 Height from base to top of surface box
Height from base to top of surface box mounting plate 795mm
 Diameter of Tube  170mm
 Size of Surface Box Opening  100mm x 100mm
 Size Of Pipe Opening at Base  65mm (w) x 55mm (h)
Diameter of Base Plate 250mm
Diameter of Surface Box Mounting Plate 250mm


Extra Information

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