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Central Heating Leak Sealers

A large range of leak selaers including Fernox Express F4, fernox F4, Fernox Leak Sealer, Fernox Super Concentrate F$ leak sealer, Primaflow internal leak sealer, Sentinel internal leak sealer and Sentinel Rapid Dose leak sealer, all at a very competitive rate.

Our Fernox Central Heating Leak Sealer proves handy in fixing small leaks which may create pressure in the boiler and result in an eventual breakdown. After the application of the sealer, it gets dispersed within the heating system in 24 hours. This sealer that you can order at On Demand Supplies, is a product specially designed to prevent blockages within a boiler, water pumps and other safety devices. These seals help in reaching the most inaccessible leaks in the heating system. If you were to get the boiler drained and repaired, it would cost a lot of money and a delay in repairs, so just order the leak sealer from us and save!