54mm DZR Stopcock - Compression

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Pipe Size:
  • 54mm DZR Stopcock - Compression

54mm DZR Brass Stopcock with Compression Ends

  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Resists corrosion by dezincification
  • Manufactured to BS 1010
  • Compression ends to BS EN 1254-2
  • Complete with Olives
  • Can be used with high tempertures up to 90"c
  • Easy turn on and shut off
  • Easy installation and repairing

What is DZR Brass (Dezincification Resistant Brass) - Dezincification is the name given to the normal corrosion of brass. DZR brass is the name given to brass that has exceptional resistance to this corrosion. In order to be called DZR brass each batch must pass an ISO 6509 dezincification resistance laboratory test. Dezincification is effected by the environment it is used in, water hardness, acid or alkali, polutents, high temperatures, all will cause an increased dezincification process


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