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15mm x 25mm SPEEDFIT Conduit Pipe - Black

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25 Metres
Pipe Size:
  • 15mm x 25mm SPEEDFIT Conduit Pipe - Black

Speedfit pipe and fittings can be laid in concrete and masonry providing they are installed in conduit pipe with access boxes for the fittings. As stated in Water Regulations Schedule 2.7 and BS8000:part 15, fittings and pipe should be removable for possible replacement. Insulation is also recommended to protect against heat loss and the effects of frost.

Speedfit Conduit pipe is supplied in either 15mm or 22mm in coil lengths of 25 metres or 50 metres. the flexible convulted pipe has an outside diamter of 24mm and 30mm

Speedfit manufacturer part numbers are listed below and selectable from the variations above. Red and blue SPEEDFIT conduit pipe is also available in blue and red, please contact us on or through the contact us form, to gain lead times and prices

  • 15 BLK CON-25C - 15mm x 25 metre coil
  • 15 BLK CON-50C - 15mm x 25 metre coil
  • 22 BLK CON-25C - 22mm x 25 metre coil
  • 22 BLK CON-25C - 22mm x 50 metre coil

JG Speedfit is the easy to use, plastic push-fit system suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water services and heating applications. The flexible piping system provides the ability to significantly reduce installation time without the need for specialist tools. The fittings can be demounted if required, are lead free, and remove the risk of any scale build up. Extensive tests have shown that Speedfit products will withstand temperatures and pressures well in excess of normal working conditions.