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15mm x 10mm Long Tail Fitting Reducer - End Feed

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Pipe Size:
Pipe Size:
  • 15mm x 10mm Long Tail Fitting Reducer - End Feed

End Feed Long Tail 10mm to 15mm coupler ,often used to connect 10mm pipe to 15mm radiator valves by inserting the long tail into the 15mm valve compression fitting

Other types of end feed coupling available from our end feed fittings section.

Wire wool should be used to clean the pipe and fittings and a suitable plumbing flux used prior to soldering with tin and lead or lead free plumbing solder

End Feed 15mm x 8mm Long Tail Fitting Reducer which an also be used to join a fitting of one size to a pipe of another. The 15mm end of this reducer is inserted into another fitting (such as a tee or an elbow) whilst a 10mm pipe is inserted into the other end of this reducer.

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