15mm x 1/2" Wallplate Elbow - End Feed

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EF15 Wallplate Fittings CxFI High grade product to BS EN1254-2 Used to connect a fitting such as an outside bib tap to copper pipe (CxFI) Wallplate used to secure fitting and pipe to surface such as a wall End Feed Fitting for use with plumbing solder - IMPORTANT NOTE, MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT ACTUAL DIAMETER OF THE THREAD SIZE IS APPROXIMATELY 1/4 INCH LARGER THAN THAT STATED IN BSP TERMS. FOR EXAMPLE THIS 1/2 INCH BSP THREAD ACTUALLY MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 3/4 INCH IN DIAMETER

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Copper Plumbing Fittings
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1/2 Inch BSP
Wallplate Elbow