15mm x 1/2" Speedfit BLUE Conversion Connector - NC471

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Single 15mm x 1/2" SPEEDFIT BLUE Conversion Connector, otherwise known as a blue converter, with a free delivery option This conversion connector, or converting coupler, connects metric SPEEDFIT pipe to  between 1/2 inch to 1 inch BSP and BSPT There are two sizes of SPEEDFIT BLUE converter for different sizes of SPEEDFIT pipe, manufacturers codes are shown below and are selectable from the variations above 15mm to 1/2 inch internal diameter SPEEDFIT BLUE Conversion Connector - NC471 22mm to 3/4 inch internal diameter SPEEDFIT BLUE Conversion Connector - NC2324 SPEEDFIT push fit fittings have been designed and are manufactured in the UK by John Guest Speedfit. - IMPORTANT NOTE, MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT ACTUAL DIAMETER OF THE THREAD SIZE IS APPROXIMATELY 1/4 INCH LARGER THAN THAT STATED IN BSP TERMS. FOR EXAMPLE THIS 1/2 INCH BSP THREAD ACTUALLY MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 3/4 INCH IN DIAMETER

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