15mm White SPEEDFIT collet locking clip - CM1815W

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This SPEEDFIT collet locking clip is suitable for use in central heating systems. White collet clips prevent accidental release of the pipe from standard fittings in the event of movement against the release collar. Red and blue clips provide colour coding of the pipe and should not be used to prevent accidental release of the pipe

There are four sizes of SPEEDFIT collet locking clip to suit different sizes of fitting, manufacturers codes are shown below

  • 10mm White SPEEDFIT collet locking clip - CM1810W
  • 15mm White SPEEDFIT collet locking clip - CM1815W
  • 22mm White SPEEDFIT collet locking clip - CM1822W

JG Speedfit is the easy to use, plastic push-fit system suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water services and heating applications. The flexible piping system provides the ability to significantly reduce installation time without the need for specialist tools. The fittings can be demounted if required, are lead free, and remove the risk of any scale build up. Extensive tests have shown that Speedfit products will withstand temperatures and pressures well in excess of normal working conditions.

This information should be used as product guidance only and should not be used as a replacement for installation instructions. Please ensure to check with manufacturers instructions of all components prior to selection and installation to ensure compatibility and the most up to date product and installation information.

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