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15mm 45 Degree Elbow - End Feed

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  • 15mm 45 Degree Elbow - End Feed

Single EF21 45 Degree 15mm End Feed Elbow CxC. We are dedicated to our Customers calls to have a company like ours deliver what they want, we have therefore chosen to sell items like this in single quantities or in economy bags (both of some products also available in the End Feed Fittings section) if that is your choice. These 45 Degree End Feed Elbow are picked loose from our stock and bagged in non retail packaging, ensuring we can deliver a competitive product to you.

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Our philosophy is if you want 13, why should you have to buy 25 in fancy packaging. With cost effective delivery and free delivery for larger orders, why not buy 13 from us, if you are completing a project this can add up to quite a saving!