10mm Street Elbow - 90 Degree End Feed

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10mm end feed street elbow used to make a 90 degree turn in a copper pipe.

An end feed fitting is made when the pipe/tube and fitting are cleaned and assembled, heated to the right temperature, after which solder is applied. The solder becomes molten and is drawn into the gap between the pipe and the fitting. After this has cooled, it creates a strong connection.
Suitable for use on hot and cold water services, heating installations, fuel services and industrial engineering applications.

Product Details:
Comes with full manufacturer’s guarantee
Manufactured to BS EN 1254:1 standards
Fully WRAS and Kitemark approved
Grade A Copper uses antimicrobial properties to help steralise the system
Copper is widely recyclable
Please Note: For the best and longest lasting results please ensure you thoroughly clean the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipes you wish to join with a suitable pipe cleaner to increase the overall life span of the fitting.

Extra Information

Copper Plumbing Fittings
Pipe Size:
90 Degree Bend