1 Inch Ball Float Valve for use with 8 Inch Ball Float

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1 Inch BSP High Pressure Bronze Float Valve With Brass Piston & Seat designed to be used with an 8 inch ball float

Fully sealable under the higher pressure and high temperature.

Quick response on shut off and turn on.

Anti-corrosion,can be used with recycled water.

Most plumbing products are measured using BSP thread dimensions which measure 1/4 inches larger than that stated, therefore this 1 Inch BSP thread measures approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

A high pressure water outlet nozzle is fitted to this float valve, meaning that it is designed to work in higher pressure systems. If the water pressure is too low it will take a long time to fill.

Length of arm 40cm (to Split Pin), diameter of float thread 7/16 Inch BSP (approx 11mm), for use with 8 inch float (also available in out store).

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Thread Size:
1 Inch BSP
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